Dining Room Mural

This mural progresses around all the walls of the dining room. It portrays family members engaged in a game of tennis. The Deryshire client requested that the painting had a light and uplifting feel. With this in mind our design uses pastel shades making the space of the room open out. We adopted an illustrative English style in order to keep it lighthearted.

Classical Murals

For this home in Cheshire we painted our adaption from Tiepolo onto canvas along with a trompe l'oeil frame. Once this was in place we painted the rest of the room in a warm yellows with bold swirled borders.

For the dining room we painted a mural depicting an Italian landscape across one wall. To help the illusion, a trompe l'oeil balustrade and door surround were added. The sky continues across the ceiling.

Bedroom Cupboards

This geometric motif was designed for a wall of bedroom cupboards. The use of simple shapes and balanced spacing creates a calm focus to the room.

The light fitting has been designed to compliment the space.


We painted new plasterwork to match in with some of the older plasterwork which had been uncovered during renovation. This served as a base to apply wash drawings inspired by renaissance fresco.

Painted plywood floor.


children's murals


commercial interiors

trade exhibition


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