Traditional oil paintings in the style of the masters.

We undertake copies in oil or acrylic from existing paintings and also create original works of art in any style requested. Our particular expertise covers the Italian renaissance, classical art of the18th century, and trompe l'oeil painting. We also have a broad knowledge of 20th century art. To commission a work you would need to give us an idea of what you are looking for. From this we would make a sketch for you to approve before starting the painting.
This painting was inspired by the work of Jacob van Ruisdael, though it was infact painted with acrylics for speed. The 1.5 mtr tall canvas was provided on a roll to be fixed directly to the wall.
To give the appearance of aged fresco the paint surface of this trompe l'oeil painting has been rubbed away to reveal the colour of the base.
We also tackle paintings in the style of the modern masters, drawing on the work of impressionist, cubist and fauvist artists for inspiration.

If you are looking for a painting to compliment a modern interior, have a look through the contemporary section and the paintings for sale and loan

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